Shorten Employee Training - Increase Productivity

Office Tutorials can help you accelerate your new employee upbringing so they are taking full advantage of Microsoft Office software and tools in their daily work flow.

We create custom training paths based on your business, your employee backgrounds, and their professional job requirements to make the most profitable use of their training time.

Some of the most common instruction includes the basics in several software offerings:


  • Designing Databases
  • Creating Tables
  • Creating and Using Forms
  • Working with Table Information (Adding, Editing, Deleting, Sorting and Finding Records)
  • Creating Select Queries
  • Working with Select Queries (Adding, Deleting, Inserting and Moving Fields, Wildcard characters, Multiple Criteria)
  • Creating and Using Reports
  • Enhancing Forms and Reports


  • Creating Worksheets (Entering data, numbers and dates, Saving)
  • Manipulating Worksheet Data (Copying, Cutting, Pasting data)
  • Working with Basic Formulas and Functions (Formulas, Functions, Auto Calculate, Absolute referencing, and Wizards)
  • Printing Worksheets
  • Formatting Worksheets
  • Enhancing Worksheets (Changing Text Fonts, Borders, Shading, Gridlines)
  • Using Styles and Auto Formats
  • Finding and Replacing Data
  • Creating Graphs


  • Creating, editing, sending, and receiving mail.
  • Adding/deleting addresses in the personal address list.
  • Creating and using folders in which to save mail
  • Adding/sending/receiving/viewing/saving attachments
  • Creating Distribution lists
  • Moving, deleting, recovering mail messages
  • Personal calendar feature
  • Out of Office Assistant
  • Auto-signatures and Auto-replies


  • How to create a graphics presentation
  • Slide Templates, Text, Graphics and Pictures, Sound, and Charts
  • Inserting animated clip-art
  • Slide transitions, Text Building, Sound and Color
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Running and editing a slide show